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Buy Siemens Hearing Aids Online

In short, yes. If you purchased hearing aids a few years ago your hearing aids were a "Siemens" instrument. Signia is the name that has been taken on since Siemens branched out their hearing aids as their own entity. You can still purchase this manufacturer with most audiologists. Just know the name of their hearing aids are now Signia. Same instruments, different manufacturer name. Product support for these instruments can be done at any audiology office (call first to ensure they have the software needed to fine-tune your hearing aids) given they provide services to Siemens/Signia hearing aids.

buy siemens hearing aids online


A few years ago Siemens made the decision to separate their hearing aid business as a stand-alone company. At that point they began to rebrand using the new name "Signia". They are still the same company with the same products including service and support for all the older products. What they have done differently is increase their research and development which has produced a number of significant changes and upgrades in their product line. It is now arguably one of the best hearing aids available anywhere. The newest model called the NX incorporates own voice processing to improve the way a patient's own voice sounds while wearing the hearing aids.

Phonak is a member of the Sonova Group, a Swiss company that's primary goal is advancing hearing aid technologies. Phonak is well-known for constantly updating their range of hearing aids and for providing affordable models that are among the best performing in the industry. Phonak hearing aids are well-received by users and have a reputation as being some of the top models in terms of cost and value for money.

Phonak packs the latest technology into their hearing aids, and it's this fact that has helped them to carve out a niche at the forefront of the hearing aid sector. Here at Discount Daily Hearing, we have a full range of Phonak hearing aids for sale online and are one of the best choices for people looking to buy a new hearing aid. Whatever level of support is required to help you live with clearer hearing, we've got something affordable for you to buy today.

Phonak hearing aids are well-known for boasting the latest technology and providing a wide range of benefits to the wearer. Phonak produces hearing aids in different styles and colors as well as different sizes and suitability for different levels of hearing loss.

All Phonak hearing aids boast the brand's trademark technology and allow the wearer to consider what their eventual goals will be for managing their hearing loss. Depending on how you intend to spend their day, there are different levels of technology from Phonak that will allow them to live their lives in the most stress-free manner possible.

At Discount Daily Hearing, we stock a wide range of hearing aids from all leading suppliers. If our range of Phonak hearing aids aren't what you're looking for, we also stock Signia hearing aids, ReSound hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, and much more. We have the best range of hearing aids for sale online and are guaranteed to have something to suit your exact requirements. Contact us today to place your order!

We offer you the best value for all the latest hearing aids brands, premium batteries, wireless accessories, rechargeable options and hearing aid consumables... and that's a promise. If you happen to find a cheaper advertised price, even if it's on sale, we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

At Ear to Hear, we are proud to be authorized retailers of Signia Hearing Aids. We work directly with the manufacturer Signia (Sivantos) maintaining a positive relationship with their support and sales team. As an authorized retailer, we are able to offer our clients the reassurance that their hearing aids have been properly tested and inspected for defects and come with a manufacturer warranty. Our team of licensed hearing aid professionals receive ongoing training on new advancements to Signia hearing aids and the technological features available to patients. Our team is highly trained and equipped to program your new Signia hearing aids to the highest standard, ensuring you a more natural listening experience. Contact a location near you to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if Signia hearing aids are right for you!

Nowadays, people are more and more interested in where and how they can buy Signia hearing aids. Is this surprising? Certainly not. The reasons and motivating factors for such an increasing demand are as easy as pie.

If you want to buy Signia hearing aids, you have an opportunity to do so at Ear to Hear. These hearing aids are equipped with advanced technologies such as SpeechMaster, EchoShield and many others. Signia aids make listening to your favorite hi-fi music possible again. You are offered not only high-performance products but also a wide range of choice. Our clients can sort wished-for instruments according to their newness and price groups. This is one more thing that alleviates the process of finding an appropriate solution.

The Signia Styletto is different from any other hearing aid on the market. They are transforming the image of hearing aids as the first fashion hearing aid with a redesigned sleek appearance so wearers can use their hearing aid with confidence. This Receiver in Canal hearing aid (RIC) brings together its new aesthetic appeal with the trusted high tech offerings buyers expect from Signia.To achieve the slim and sleek design of the Signia Styletto, engineers had to change the lithium-ion battery cell design. They were able to do this while keeping the lithium battery chargeability feature, thus allowing wearers to charge for a full day of use within a pocket sized charger.

The MyControl App also offers touchControl. Your mobile device can become a remote control for your Signia hearing aids. The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware. The wearer can have full control of their hearing aids while looking as if they are checking for a text message. Wearers with single sided deafness can purchase the Silk CROS model to send hearing from their non hearing ear into the hearing aid in their better hearing ear. All of these features make the Signia Silk a full featured hearing aid inside a discreet shell.

The Pure Charge & Go can connect to an iphone for direct streaming and phone calls via Bluetooth. To use audio streaming with an android device, simply pair with the Signia Streamline Mic, and to stream your tv to your hearing aids, you can pair with the Signia Streamline TV to feed audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality.

Affordability is a concern for many as they shop for hearing aids. The average age of first-time hearing aid users is 70 years old, a time when many individuals have transitioned to a fixed income during retirement. Even for users not on a fixed income, the cost of hearing aids can be prohibitive since these devices are not always covered by insurance. According to a recent study by Consumer Reports, the average price for a single hearing aid is about $2,560, or $5,120 a pair purchased individually. Buying hearing aids as a pair dropped the price per device to $2,340 or $4,680 for a pair.

But in practice, the real cost of a pair of hearing aids can range anywhere from $3,000-$10,000! What leads to this massive range? In this blog, we will explore the factors that impact the price of a hearing aid and the benefits of buying from a clinic versus online.

Hearing aid prices are going down if you buy online or buy direct from a retailer like Costco, but this approach has significant risks, including the risk of wasting your money. If you do not consult with a professional about the right kind of hearing aid for you, the choice you make based on price might not work best for your needs. Lower-cost hearing aids may not have the same high-quality hardware and customization features as the ones you get from an audiologist or licensed clinic.

Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover hearing aids, but some Medicare Supplements like Part C do cover hearing exams. These Medicare Supplements may offset or fully cover the cost of a single hearing aid. The cost of a pair of hearing aids is unlikely to be covered, even at the lowest end of the cost spectrum. Private insurers also commonly do not cover the full cost of a pair of hearing aids but may cover one hearing aid or part of the costs.

Another benefit of working with a clinic or audiologist to buy hearing aids is their knowledge of insurance and potential access to alternative funding sources to cover (or at least finance) the necessary devices.

Siemens offers a full line of hearing aids that span the gamut of technology available on the market. From basic behind-the-ear models, to its Signia line that offers wireless streaming of cell phone and television audio through Bluetooth, Siemens hearing aids serve users with all levels of hearing loss. Prices for Siemens hearing aids range from $1,299-$3,000 per ear.

Phonak was the first hearing aid company to innovate audio streaming in hearing aids back in 2018. Aside from universal Bluetooth connectivity, Phonak hearing aids also boast a long battery life and multiple forms like in the ear and over the ear hearing aids. A universal smartphone app allows users to adjust their own settings in real-time. Prices for Phonak hearing aids range from $1,300-$3,700 per ear.

ReSound hearing aids deliver clear, natural sound quality for users of all hearing loss levels. With an extended dynamic range and great frequency response, these hearing aids boast a long battery life and many models include a portable charging case. These hearing aids also come with a built-in Tinnitus Sound Generator (TSG) to mask any ringing, humming, or buzzing, as well as built-in white noise generators to help users relax. Prices for Resound Hearing Aids range from $1,700-$4,000 per ear. 041b061a72


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