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Austin Hernandez

Fucking My Shemale Aunt

Cheryl thrust her hips up as her fingers slid into her tight young pussy. She was fucking her wet cunt furiously. She grunted as she climaxed. Her pussy juices covered her hand and fingers. Cheryl began to lick her own tasty juices from her fingers and hand. She loved the taste of pussy. Thanks to Aunt Alice, she had a real craving for the taste of cunt now. Cheryl's fingers found her pussy again and she began to slide them up and down her wet slit. Her mouth was open and she moaned softly as her fingers slid into her hot tight pussy once again. "Oh God" she moaned.

fucking my shemale aunt


"I'm a shemale" the blonde said. "Why don't you suck my cock for me" she continued. Alice was unsure of this, because she really didn't like men, but this was almost a woman, wasn't it? She took the semi erect cock into her soft hand and firmly gripped it. The cock began to grow harder and thicker. Alice gasped as she held the fully erect 10 inch cock in her hand. She looked at it with amazement. It turned her on, and she couldn't understand why. She hadn't been with a man in over 20 years, only women, but as she stroked the erect monstrous cock in her hand she felt herself become wetter and wetter. The shemale continued eating Cheryl's pussy. Cheryl was thrashing wildly on the bed, moaning as she came.

The shemale made loud slurping noises as he/she licked up all of Cheryl's hot pussy cream. "Oh GOd, it's so wonderful" Cheryl moaned. Alice was running her tongue up and down the shemale's swollen shaft. Precum oozed from the huge head. Alice licked the precum with her tongue, savoring it's sweet/salty taste. Alice began to take the large cock between her lips. The shemale moaned loudly as it's cock slid deeply into Alice's hot mouth. Alice tried not to gag as the large cock entered her throat. She relaxed a bit, and it entered quite easily.

Cheryl glanced down and saw her Aunt sucking the shemale's large thick cock. "Wow, that looks good" Cheryl moaned. ( Remember, Cheryl is still a virgin as far as cocks go.) Cheryl watched as her Aunt Alice hungrily sucked the shemale's long thick cock. Alice was gently cupping the large balls as she fucked the cock with her mouth. Cheryl joined her Aunt and took one of the shemale's shaved balls into her mouth. The shemale moaned as both women worked on his hard member.

Alice removed the cock from her mouth, and held it firmly by its thick shaft. "Go ahead and put it in your mouth" she told her niece. Cheryl opened her mouth widely and accepted the large cock. She licked all around the large organ with her tongue. The shemale moaned and began thrusting his hips. Cheryl felt the large cock pulsate wildly in her hand. "I'm gonna shoot" the shemale yelled. Cheryl held the large cock in her hand slowly stroking it up and down with her small hand. She watched with great fascination as the white sticky cum erupted from it's large head. It squirted a massive amount, followed by another, than another. Some of the jism landed inside of Cheryl's mouth. As she tasted the hot cum she moaned. Cheryl took the pulsating cock head between her lips, and swallowed the last few spurts of cum.

Cheryl licked the cum from her hands and softly sucked the rock hard cock between her soft lips. "Sit on my cock!" the shemale told her. Cheryl straddled the shemale's still rock hard cock, and slid her virgin pussy upon it. It was so huge, and her pussy was so small. But as she wiggled her hips it slowly slid into her. Cheryl moaned as the large cock split her virgin cunt open. Alice straddled the shemale's face and lowered her red haired cunt onto his lips. The shemale's tongue thrust into her hot pussy. Alice moaned as her sweet pussy cream flowed into his mouth.

"Oh dear God" Alice moaned. ALice ground her pussy against the shemale's pretty face, smearing her hot pussy cum across his chin and lips. Cheryl was sliding up and down the long thick cock. She moaned and groaned as her pussy spasmed around the cock. She gripped the cock like a vise with her tender cunt. Her orgasm hit strong and hard.

"Oh I'm gonna cum" the shemale announced. Alice now ripped the shemale's top open revealing the very large breasts. Alice squeezed the large nipples hard between her fingers. The shemale groaned and grunted again. Cheryl climaxed as the shemale's hot cum exploded into her hot pussy.

"YES, YES, YES!!!" Cheryl moaned. Her pussy spasmed and she bounced up and down on the large cock faster and faster. She felt every hot drop of his wonderful cum as it splashed inside of her pussy. "Give me more" Cheryl moaned. She loved the way it felt as the hot cum filled her pussy. Cheryl climaxed again, and she rode the shemale to yet another hot climax. The shemale's cock began to grow limp inside of her now. Cheryl slid off of him. Cheryl took one of the shemale's erect nipples between her lips and gently bit it. Alice was still grinding her pussy against his pretty face.

"Oh God" Alice moaned, and she climaxed intensely. Her body shook and quivered. She rode the shemale's face until her climax subsided. As she slid from his face she looked at her wet pussy juice as it glistened all over his face.

Cheryl moved up the shemale's body and began to lick her Aunt's hot pussy cream from his face. Cheryl slid her tongue inside of the shemale's mouth and they passionately kissed. Alice slid between her niece's legs and licked the shemale's cum from her hot dripping pussy. Cheryl moaned, and climaxed. Her juices along with the shemale's cum poured from her hot pussy. Alice made loud slurping noises as she licked both of their juices from Cheryl's hot pussy hole. All 3 lay side by side in the large bed. Cheryl sucked the shemale to a full erection, and he mounted ALice. Alice grunted as she felt her first cock in 20 yrs. Her pussy held the cock tightly as she came instantly.

"Oh dear God!" Alice moaned as her pussy spasmed. The shemale fucked her with long hard strokes. She grunted each time his long thick cock fully entered her aching pussy. Cheryl masturbated as she watched the shemale fuck her AUnt. The shemale moaned, and shot his cum into Alice's pussy.

"Oh my I forgot how fucking good it feels," Alice moaned as the hot cum entered her pussy. She bucked beneath the shemale like a wild animal. Her long nails dug into the flesh of his back as she held him inside of her. He continued thrusting and shooting his cum inside of her pussy. Alice came again, and the shemale with drew his shrinking cock from her.

Cheryl blew a kiss to the pretty shemale as he left the hotel room. "God I forgot how good it felt to be fucked" Alice said. "Maybe I am not quite the lesbian I thought I was". Alice began to wonder if she should change plans for the weekend. She was taking Cheryl to a lesbian spa, and letting her get her taste of an all female orgy. As Alice thought about it, she realized, maybe being bi wasn't so bad. She knew that her and Cheryl would have an excellent time at the spa. Alice kissed Cheryl goodnight. She knew tomorrow would be an exciting day.

I went to live with my sexy aunt Sabrina when I turned 18. she was a 6ft tall Buxom redhead with long shapely legs. she always dressed Sluttily and often went about in her lingerie. id been there for a week when she got me drunk for the 1st time. she suddenly changed into black lace Basque Sussies high heals and long fur coat. she pulled me into her fiercely kissing me. I froze and she laughed at my shyness. grabbing my hard on she pulled me into her bedroom where she stripped me naked. rushing me onto the bed she knelt down and sucked my throbbing cock.

I moaned as her warn mouth tormented me filling me with desire. she suddenly grabbed my wrists and tied them to the bed frame. she then stripped off and I was amazed for she had a huge cock. with a smile she parted my legs and positioned herself between them. rubbing her huge cock up and down my Arse crack she said you know you want me I want to hear you say it. please aunty let me pleasure you I begged now totally wild with desire. she kent forward until her swollen tip pressed against my Arse.

Handsome guy visits his shemale stepsister in their old house.After that,they go to his old room and they start kissing each other.Next is,he lets her throat his big cock passionately.In return,he licks and fucks her ass so deep and hard.

My step-aunt Melanie Hick told me that my stepmom got arrested for She asked Melanie to please take care of me and take care of all of my needs while she is gone. I tell Melanie that she definitely took care of ALL my needs, all right... 041b061a72


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