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Andrea Solo

Andrea Lucero is a well known music artist in the New Mexico music scene as the lead vocalist for Divino. Andrea is starting a new path as a solo artist under the name, Andrea Michelle. Meet Andrea Michelle.

andrea solo


Why did you choose this song to launch your solo Career? I chose this song for the very simple reason that it is easier for a man to say what he says without anyone raising an eyebrow, but when a woman does this it somehow a big deal? There is equality in a relationship, (and there should be all around the board.) Unfortunately we still live in a world where its easier for a man sometimes than it is a woman to get her point across with the lack of being looked at as inferior. I chose the song to hopefully inspire and encourage woman to find their voice.

Franco d'Andrea has become one of producer Paolo Piangiarelli's favorite pianists with good reason; d'Andrea's consistently inventive approach to his instrument, his formidable chops, and his incredible ear make the veteran among the top in his field. This fifth volume of the pianist's Solo series is a tribute to Duke Ellington, with selections primarily from the '20s through the early '40s. Even though Ellington fans often referred to the maestro's concert medleys of his most popular tunes as "dread medleys," this is hardly the case with d'Andrea's use of this form. Instead, he went into the studio without a specific play list in mind, letting the music flow spontaneously, so a reserved ballad interpretation of "Take the 'A'' Train" spins into a rapid-fire "Perdido." His longer medleys also work equally well. "Caravan" is almost reminiscent of the late Jaki Byard's style, with an unconventional arrangement that starts in the middle of the theme and incorporates unusual chord substitutions with a touch of playfulness. "Prelude to a Kiss" begins somewhat ominously and retains a degree of mystery instead of taking the more straightforward, typically lush route. "Satin Doll" is frequently dismissed by Ellington fans as an overly popular work that has little potential; d'Andrea's adventurous spirit rejuvenates this jazz classic with a jovial performance. This is easily one of the most impressive salutes to Duke Ellington by a solo pianist that you could ever run across.

Cecilia Solo rosin gives a pure, clean and projecting sound that soloists love. It has the widest dynamic range and is particularly good for playing in large halls. Solo rosin provides powerful sound projection, yet it does not compromise on the sensitivity for the soloist. It is also very forgiving without the 'sound cracks' on the strings under a high amount of bow pressure. You will not be overpowered in the orchestra. You will feel the immediate change in your sound.

Solo 8 was released by Philology Records.[1] The AllMusic reviewer suggested that "once a buyer has had an opportunity to hear some of his other solo releases it's a safe bet that this intriguing disc will join the others in his or her collection".[2] 041b061a72


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