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[S1E15] Let's End This! Part 2

These Enigma episodes have been supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, or ESRC, as part of their annual Festival of Social Science. This Festival celebrates the amazing research and advancements of our best and brightest scientists, and this year, almost five hundred events are happening all over the country from Saturday the 02nd to Saturday the 09th of November, 2019. You can check out the official hashtag #ESRCFestival on Twitter, and you might even find that some of the events are in the news.

[S1E15] Let's End This! Part 2

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Each hut was the home of a particular sub-unit focusing on particular codebreaking activities. Hut 6, for example, was focused on decrypting German army and air-force military Enigma communications. These were then passed to Hut 3, where the messages were translated and the information was acted upon (ibid.). Meanwhile, Turing would go on to lead Hut 8, which was focused on decrypting German naval Enigma communications. These decrypted messages in turn were passed onto Hut 4 for translation. As this arrangement suggests, the Enigma used by the army and air-force was not the same as that used by the navy. The naval Enigma was, in fact, more secure and therefore that much harder to break.

The French were not slow to take advantage of this unexpected, extraordinary boon. In one swoop, they found themselves in possession of both one of the finest teams of cryptanalysts in the world, and of their two military Enigma replicas. Added to this, the displaced Biuro Szyfrów workers were more motivated than they ever had been before to crack Enigma and categorically turn the tide of war. Many of them had just left behind family, wives, children, babies in a country that was being torn apart by two invading armies.

Next let's jump ahead to season 6! Start with S6, E2, "Endings." It wraps up an emotional crossover involving Halstead's dad. Then go to S6, E13, "Night In Chicago." I love this episode where Atwater has to confront some of the darkest issues surrounding police work.

Saru asks Burnham to assist him with an issue, before exclaiming unease at having to follow the orders of someone with such ideals, which Burnham responds to by noting that this was at the request of the Federation. Georgiou orders Burnham back to her station and challenges Saru, making reference to the fact that, in her universe, his species is a Terran delicacy. Burnham then attempts to expose Georgiou's origins by commenting on that remark and quizzing her on her counterpart's birthplace in Malaysia. The former emperor deflects the questioning easily, ordering the specialist to walk with her.

Also from The Credit Where Credit is Due Department, editor Zharama helpfully divided up the events into parts in the main Nekodamashi-hen page. When They Cry Wiki will incorporate this in this synopsis.

Many animals brought into rehabilitation centers cannot be saved. The last gift we can give is humane euthanasia. We will discuss when this gift is necessary. We tackle this tough subject because it is a necessary part of wildlife rehabilitation. Additionally, we will have discussions on self-care so rehabilitators can continue this vital work while being mentally healthy. 041b061a72


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