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Super Cat Tales: PAWS - The Cutest Platformer Game Ever

Super Cat: The Legendary Jamaican Deejay

If you are a fan of dancehall music, you have probably heard of Super Cat, one of the originators and pioneers of the genre. Super Cat, also known as Wild Apache, is a Jamaican deejay who achieved widespread popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is known for his distinctive style, conscious lyrics, and collaborations with hip hop artists. In this article, we will explore who Super Cat is, what are his most famous songs, and where he is now.

Who is Super Cat?

Super Cat is the stage name of William Anthony Maragh, who was born on June 25, 1963, in Kingston, Jamaica. He is of Afro-Jamaican and Indo-Jamaican descent, and grew up in a tough neighborhood called Seivright Gardens, also known as Cockburn Pen. He was exposed to music at an early age, as he helped out a local sound system called Soul Imperial at a club called Bamboo Lawn. He also auditioned for Joe Gibbs as a singer, but was unsuccessful.

super cat

Early life and career

Super Cat started his career as a deejay under the name Cat-A-Rock, but soon changed it to Super Cat. He also used the alias Wild Apache, which was given to him by his mentor Early B. He recorded his first single "Mr. Walker" in 1981, produced by Winston Riley. He then worked with Jah Thomas and released songs like "Walkathon" and "Vineyard Party". However, his career was interrupted by a period of incarceration in the mid-1980s.

Rise to fame and popularity

After his release from prison, Super Cat resumed his career and joined the Killamanjaro sound system in 1984. He also released his debut album Si Boops Deh! in 1985, which included the hit singles "Boops" and "Cry Fi De Youth". "Boops" was based on an updated version of Marcia Griffiths' "Feel Like Jumping" rhythm, and sparked a craze for songs about sugar daddies. "Cry Fi De Youth" was a socially conscious song that addressed the problems of poverty and violence in Jamaica.

Super Cat's popularity soared in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as he became one of the leading figures of the dancehall movement. He signed with Columbia Records in 1992, and released his second album Don Dada, which featured guest appearances by Heavy D, Frankie Paul, Nicodemus, Junior Demus, and Louie Rankin. The album was a commercial success and received critical acclaim. It also introduced Super Cat to a wider audience in the United States and Europe.

Influence and legacy

Super Cat is widely regarded as one of the greatest deejays in the history of Jamaican dancehall music. He is credited with influencing many artists in the genre, such as Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, and more. He is also known for his collaborations with hip hop artists, such as The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Mary J. Blige, Sugar Ray, Wyclef Jean, Jadakiss, Nas, DJ Premier, and more. He is considered one of the pioneers of reggae fusion, a genre that blends dancehall with hip hop, R&B, rock, pop, and other styles.

What are Super Cat's most famous songs?

Super Cat has recorded many songs throughout his career, but some of them stand out as his most famous ones. Here are some of them, along with a brief description of each one:

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This is one of Super Cat's earliest and most popular songs, released in 1985. It is based on an updated version of Marcia Griffiths' "Feel Like Jumping" rhythm, and features Super Cat's witty and humorous lyrics about a woman who is dating an older man for his money. The song sparked a craze for songs about sugar daddies, and was also sampled by many hip hop artists, such as Heavy D, KRS-One, and Big Daddy Kane.

Ghetto Red Hot

This is one of Super Cat's signature songs, released in 1992. It is based on the "Hot This Year" rhythm, and showcases Super Cat's rapid-fire delivery and confident attitude. The song is a celebration of Super Cat's style and skills, as he declares himself to be the "ghetto red hot". The song was also remixed by hip hop producer Salaam Remi, and featured on the soundtrack of the movie Juice.

Dolly My Baby

This is one of Super Cat's most successful songs, released in 1993. It is based on the "Dolly My Baby" rhythm, and features Super Cat's smooth vocals and romantic lyrics. The song is a love song dedicated to a woman named Dolly, who Super Cat praises for her beauty and personality. The song was also remixed by hip hop producer Pete Rock, and featured guest appearances by The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy, Mary J. Blige, and Third Eye.

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