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[S1E4] The House Of The Dead

With battle lines drawn and Boulder now well-aware of the existence of the darkness in Las Vegas, The Stand's latest episode, "The House of the Dead," begins building to the inevitable conflict with Randall Flagg. And with both communities already taking proactive steps against each other, deadly alliances are forged and the opening shots are fired, leaving one victim dead as war looms on the fiery horizon.

[S1E4] The House of the Dead

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Chris sits on the roof of the Clark residence, videotaping and narrating events that have transpired in the nine days since the National Guard took over: a perimeter fence has been erected around the neighborhood, creating a "Safe Zone" with a strict curfew in effect. Since everyone outside the fence is reportedly dead or gone, Chris is alarmed to discover a light flashing from a house in the Dead Zone.

Travis prepares to attend an announcement from lieutenant Moyers, the commanding officer of the Safe Zone. Madison fumes at him for playing "man of the people" with the soldiers while she manages the house and kids on her own.

Liza tends to Hector, a sick patient, in his bedroom. She tells Cynthia, Hector's wife, that she's keeping him stable with a morphine drip. Nick peeks through the backyard fence and sees Liza and Cynthia leave the house. Later, he sneaks underneath Hector's bed and siphons the morphine, mainlining it between his toes.

Playing golf, lieutenant Moyers tells Travis that Doug was taken into custody after soldiers found him crying in his car. They can't have "head cases" like Doug around camp, Moyers states. Travis mentions the light signals and gives Moyers the location of the house. He shrugs it off, insisting they've already searched that area.

At home, Madison tells Daniel that she sneaked outside the Safe Zone and saw non-infected people dead on the street. Daniel conveys his deep mistrust of the government then asks Madison to look after Ofelia if he and Griselda don't return from the hospital.

Viserys is that one creep in your college dorm who scored the only single on your floor when his roommate dropped out suddenly sophomore year. The guy who built models of German WWII aircraft. Fun-Takked Penthouse and Hustler centerfolds over his bed. Never went to class, but every so often you'd see him behind the dining hall hucking throwing stars at old mattresses. You know? That guy.

"A marriage is for duty, yes. But that doesn't stop us from doing what we want. From fucking who we want," Daemon says as they continue to kiss. He undresses her, but thankfully shoves her away and leaves the pleasure house before things escalate.

Before the night is over, Otto Hightower receives a report that Rhaenyra and Daemon were seen together at the White Worm pleasure house. With much awkwardness and pause, Hightower informs King Viserys of the report he received -- that Daemon and Rhaenyra were seen "coupling" in the "bowels of a pleasure den."

"Wed her to me. When I offered up my crown, you said I could have anything. I want Rhaenyra. I'll take her as she is and wed her in the tradition of our house," Daemon says, adding that he and Rhaenyra can return the House of the Dragon to its proper glory.

That night, Travis sits on the roof of their house in obvious torment. Then suddenly he sees lights in the house Chris had seen before, more obvious now in the dark. Only this time, it's the light of gunfire. Shots ring out. Whoever Travis sent them to find, they found. Realization dawns.

Days after the National Guard quarantines the neighborhood into a Safe Zone, residents try to resume life normally, though tensions build under the military rule. A perimeter fence is erected around the neighborhood, and citizens are subjected to strict curfews and regular health monitoring. Madison grows stressed by extra work in taking care of her overcrowded home, while Travis takes on a new role as civilian liaison. Chris begins to document the ongoing events using a video camera; while filming atop the house roof one afternoon, he notices what appears to be a light flashing repeatedly from a window located in the uninhabitable "Dead Zone" outside the fence. Believing it may be a signal from someone alive, he shows the video to Travis, who dismisses it and discourages Chris from investigating any further; undeterred, Chris then shows it to Madison, who seems more receptive but still discourages him from investigating.

One of the neighbors, Doug, begins to refuse the mandatory medical inspections; the leader of the troops, Lieutenant Moyers, orders Travis to try to convince Doug to comply. Travis succeeds and Doug agrees to comply, but a few days later, Doug is discovered to be missing from his house, along with his car. His family panics and seeks help from Travis, but Moyers informs him that Doug was found inside his car near the perimeter fence, and was taken into custody. Travis tells Moyers about the flashing light that Chris claims to have seen, but Moyers dismisses it, and assures Travis that all the buildings outside of the Safe Zone were investigated and found empty. Meanwhile, Liza tries to help injured and sick neighbors using her medical experience; Nick begins to steal morphine from one of her patients, Hector, via an IV drip, despite his claims to have kicked his dependency. When Hector is moved to a military hospital for further treatment, Nick begins to succumb to withdrawal symptoms again; Madison discovers him rifling through drawers looking for drugs, infuriating her. Meanwhile, Ofelia begins to flirt with one of the soldiers, Corporal Adams, in the hopes that he can acquire more medication for Griselda, though he has been unsuccessful so far.

Lucas later explains to Sugar that he didn't want the added scrutiny that would have come with more dead bodies. Sugar tells Lucas that whatever the next job is, he wants in. Outside the Cadi, Lucas has a visitor waiting for him: Job has come to Banshee.Mayor Kendall stops by the Cadi to see Proctor, who has a history with the young man's father. When Kendall threatens Proctor, the older man viciously chokes and belittles him. In court, Proctor enters a plea of not guilty. Given the slew of previous failed charges brought against him, the judge decides to let Proctor out on bail. After hearing that the prosecution has an eyewitness, Proctor asks Burton to look into it.

Lucas finds Kat Moody on his stairway. After sharing a cigarette she warns him the Moodys will keep coming back. As she prepares to leave Lucas asks why she's at his house. She replies she doesn't know. The scene then cuts to the two having rough sex in Lucas' bed. Outside, Carrie is in her car watching Lucas walk out of his room with a smile on her face. It quickly disappears as she sees Kat leave. Carrie holds the necklace that Lucas gave her 15 years ago.

Jeff was seen stealing a mannequin in an earlier episode. On his way out of his grandmothers house , he tells her not to go in his room because he likes to make his own bed. This episode picks up the storyline that was left on a cliffhanger.

After a short cutscene you will find yourselves without Chuck, behind a big house. You can prevent an argument by selecting the option to find a way into the house, but in general your answer does not matter at this point. After a while you'll regain control over Lee, let's start with trying to find a way into the house so be sure to look at the pet door. It's time to look for the dog, so go to the foreground of the screen and then to the right in this way, you'll get to a shovel leaning on the shed. Take the shovel and then go to the background of the screen (where the dirt and cross is). Along the way, you can look also at the fountain (ooo pretty fountain).

After entering the house there will be several dialogues none of your answers will really matter. First reply something to Christa accusation that you did not tell her and Omid that the walkie-talkie was working.

It does not matter what you answer to Kenny. Start walking towards the newspaper stand and once you're there, lean out and get ready to act fast. If you want to beat the stranger place your cursor on the left side of the screen to Block the blow. When she falls, move the cursor somewhere in the middle to make the counter attack. If you fail to block the first or second blow, you'll fall down and be very close to getting killed. But help is on the way and it will be delivered by Clementine (yes you told her to stay at the house). When the moment of silence is over it does not matter what you say to Kenny. After that you will meet Molly. Reply with anything and when Molly asks you again if you really aren't from Crawford, reply with I'm from Macon or whats Crawford.

Keep going further but do not turn left under any circumstances! If you do that the walkers will get Lee. Instead you should notice the pipe on the right you can attach the wheel to it, do it and then turn it right. As quickly as you can go to the low passage way through the grate you've just opened. Before the zombies get you. Then go to the fork and wait till all the walkers move to the right, only after that can you exit the passage way and enter the corridor. Go left until you get to a dead human body, It's Chuck take his weapon. After the cutscene look at the walkers in the distance and attack them.

The conversation will go on, the decision you've just taken will run through what Vernon and Brie will be saying. More so Vernon will remember your next replies, at the end you will have an opportunity to ask Vernon to help you get back to the house. Regardless of the answer you've chosen you will put yourself at Vernon's mercy anyway as the sewer system is a sheer maze. Choose the way you'll persuade him to help you, Vernon will believe your lie only if you didn't threaten him earlier. Otherwise you will need to choose one of the other options. Silence is also a good answer, because then Lee will tell Vernon that Omid is injured.

Watch the cutscene and wait until Lee and Vernon are in the house. You'll be welcomed by Molly, who will either mention that she saved your ass or say that she's the person who kicked it (depending on whether you won the fight with her in the previous chapter or not). Your answer will be important here anyways, after a moment, Christa will go down the stairs. If in Vernon believed your lie about the meds (if you told him a lie that is), he will now ask about them. If you remained silent at that time, Vernon will ask about Omid. Anyway you will all go to see Omid, after a brief conversation Lee will come out of the room and then you'll regain control over him. Time to find Clementine (again). 041b061a72


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