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The The Not-So-Great Escape: Part 2

Unfortunately, the phrase "nurses eat their young" is all too common in the profession. Nurses experience an almost rite-of-passage form of lateral violence in the workplace. As nurses who have gone through this cruel hazing often repeat the behaviors with new nurses under their charge, the culture is difficult to change. Nurses who have allies or friends in the department can rely on them to get through tough shifts and challenging assignments. Most nursing school programs expect a student nurse to care for only 3-4 patients at most, whereas the first few months of being an actual nurse will more than double that assignment. Those nurses who could not or have not yet connected with fellow nurses compound the additional feelings of isolation. Add that to a heavy workload, and nurses can easily get overwhelmed with the physical and emotional demands of the role.

The The Not-So-Great Escape: Part 2

The Great Escape II: The Untold Story is a 1988 American made-for-television action-adventure drama film and a sequel to The Great Escape (1963). It stars Christopher Reeve, Judd Hirsch, Anthony Denison, Ian McShane, Charles Haid and Donald Pleasence in a supporting role (in the 1963 original Pleasence had played Flight-Lieutenant Colin Blythe, "The Forger"). The film was directed by Jud Taylor (in the 1963 original Taylor had played 2nd Lt. Goff). The Great Escape II premiered in two parts on NBC on November 6 and 7, 1988.

This book comes at an important moment in time. Federal education programs and spending formulas that were written when Get Smart, Gunsmoke, and Green Acres led the TV ratings are not working for families today watching reruns of these shows on demand. Americans, rightfully, expect customization and responsiveness on the part of service providers, from hailing a ride with a smartphone to choosing how and where their children are educated.

This chapter sets the record straight by reviewing all of the most rigorous evidence regarding private school choice programs in the United States, demonstrating that choice is linked to gains in student test scores, student attainment (high school graduation, college enrollment, college persistence, or college completion), student safety, and student character development (tolerance of others, political participation, voluntarism, charitable activity, crime, or paternity suits).

The fugitive will tell you where to find his allies. Get to the docks and look for white containers. Instead of going through all the encountered containers, move to the place presented in the screenshot. It's marked with orange light, so you shouldn't miss it (east part of the docks).

Talk to the fugitives and you will receive another objective. You will have to get to the north part of the docks and obtain a boat that can be exchanged for an access card to the third level. Get there and deal with the patrolling units. Move to the left and try to start the machine on the left, presented in the screenshot.

Whilst the movie makes out that it was a small group of mainly American airmen who were part of the breakout, in fact over 600 prisoners were involved in the construction of the tunnels and whilst U.S. airmen did act as lookouts, they were all transferred to another camp months before the escape actually took place.

Once you're able to, head over to Old Town via the subway tunnel. Directly across from where you come out of will be an apartment with a hole in the floor that leads to the Restricted Zone. Unfortunately, the door is locked and you don't have the key for it.

Sergeant Bergsland and his partner, fellow countryman Lieutenant JensMüller, also with the RAF, decided to team up for the Sagan escape. Theyheaded for Stettin, where Swedish ships regularly docked and departed. Bothspoke perfect Swedish.

The journey was uneventful. They traveled in a third-class carriage full ofcivilians and looked like any ordinary travelers. They arrived at Frankfurt at6:00 in the morning, and caught a connecting train to Küstrin at 8:00 a.m.They had a beer in the station cafe, and while they were sipping, the firstinspection took place. A wandering German Feldwebel [sergeant] of themilitary police approached them. He looked at the cheerful, fresh-faced youngmen who spoke excellent German with a Norwegian accent, gave their papers acursory examination, touched his cap, and departed. Bergsland and Müllerclinked mugs, smiled, and drank up.

The area itself, however, was certainly populated by seamen; and they lookedlike seamen. Small cafes were open; small, sordid hotels did business. They hada meal and paid for a room in one of the hotels. They had taken part in one ofthe most momentous escapes in history; they'd taken their chances and gottenaway with it. They were already asleep as their heads fell towards the pillows,and did not wake until four o'clock the following afternoon. Müller lookedacross at Bergsland and grinned. "Another visit to 17 Klein Oder Strasse, Ithink."

"Ja," they said. "You come, catch the tram with us and we go back to ourdocks. Four miles out near Parnitz." By that time it was 8:30 and getting dark.The Swedish sailors slouched up to the German soldier on guard, showing theirpapers, the two Norwegians close behind. The guard was helpful. "All part ofthe same crew?" he inquired, and they nodded vigorously. He stood aside to letthem pass, not even asking them for papers.

He traveled by train to Oldenzaal, then on to Utrecht. Here the EscapeCommittee had given him the address of an underground resistance worker. Theman welcomed him, gave him fake identity papers and ration cards, and kept himsafe in his home for three days. But there was no victory yet. Holland was partof Germany's conquered Europe; informers and spies were everywhere. Bram vander Stok still had to move fast.

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As soon as Max asks someone to be his best man, they getkilled or severely injured by KAOS. The Chief orders Max to make Hymie his best man, sinceHymie is indestructible. This falls right into KAOS' plans to ruin Max's bachelor party byplanting a bomb in Hymie. The Chief also works to ruin the party, forcing Max to hold itin the CONTROL Banquet Room, with The CONTROL Rhythmnaires as the band.

CONTROL is on a high security alert as The Chameleon,another KAOS master of disguise, is on the loose. He is planning to kidnap AdmiralHargrade and take his place at a top secret conference. In order to protect the admiral,the Chief orders Max to use the admiral as best man at his wedding and have him stay atMax's apartment for protection. One of my favorite bits in this episode is when the admiral falls asleepso Max and 99 disguise him as a lamp.

On the day before his wedding, Max meets with Dr. Madre,who's escaped from KAOS with the plans to the Melnick uranium mine. Dr. Madre has Maxunknowingly drink the map, which will appear as a map on his chest, but only if Maxremains standing for 48 hours. Max attempts to postpone his wedding for 48 hours until themap appears, but no one believes his story, instead accusing him of cold feet. KAOS andDr. Madre then return to Max's apartment and hold him hostage so that they can read themap off Max's chest. With the aid of the admiral, Max and Dr. Madre escape and rush to thewedding. Every minute of this episode is outstanding, from the opening spaghetti bit tothe car chase to the epilogue.

Max goes to a Hong Kong tailor (Hong Kong Tailors - WeDupricate Anything!) to pick up a new secret weapon, but all the tailor gives him is ablue blazer. To make matters worse, it's not even Max's size! He returns home to find that99 has hired a maid to keep the apartment clean because they both work. Leaving the suitfor 99 to send to the cleaners, Max goes to the Chief to tell him his mission was afailure. The Chief reveals that the blazer is the weapon and it fires a laser every timeyou put your hand in its pocket. CONTROL then must beat KAOS to Max's dry cleaner beforehe accidentally fires the laser and destroys the city.

CONTROL receives word that KAOS scientist Dr. Canyon hasinvented an invisibility spray and wants to defect with it. Coupled with that is the newsthat KAOS has stolen the Ginsberg Papers. The only way to get the papers back is to have Dr. Canyon use her invisibility spray to sneak into KAOS HQ and retrieve the papers. Max is ordered to pick up and protect Dr. Canyon by hiding her at his apartment. With 99 out of town on an assignment it's the perfect place for Dr. Canyon to be safe and learn how to get into KAOS HQ. Unfortunately, the invisibility spray wears off to reveal Dr. Canyon is a gorgeous woman just as 99 returns home and finds Dr. Canyon lying in her bed. To prove he's not fooling around and that the gorgeouswoman in his apartment is a scientist, Max uses the invisibility spray on himself. Since he'sused the last of the invisibility spray, Max must sneak into KAOS HQ and retrieve theGinsberg Papers himself. This leads to a very funny scene where Max believes himself to beinvisible and taunts two KAOS agents.

The Chief takes up computer dating and winds up dating agorgeous young woman. The Chief's boss (unseen) orders Max and 99 to follow the Chief to make sure that this romance is not a security risk. 99 also thinks that the Chief should be dating someone more his age, like her mother. The young woman isactually the wife of Dr. Paponickolini, who is giving the Chief a secret formula for eternal youth. The Chief arrives at Max's apartment for a dinner date with 99's mom but instead KAOS shows up and kidnaps 99's mother, thinking she's the wife of Dr. Paonickolini.

Max's resemblance to the King of Coronia is needed as theKing is endangered by Rotten, Ruthless, Rupert of Rathskeller. Rupert is after the king's scepter and Max must hide it and the king. The king and Max switchidentities, and the King moves in with Max and 99. Max hides the scepter so well that he and the Chief can't find it, leading to a great scene that shows off Ed Platt brilliantly. Rupert discovers the switch and has hishenchmen send a trained tarantula into the apartment to kill everyone.


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