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It is impossible to predict how you will feel when you use magic truffles. Everyone experiences different effects, but it largely depends on the type and quantity of truffles that you consume, your environment, your mood and whether or not your stomach is empty. For instance, if you are ill at ease or tense, the chance of having a bad trip increases compared to when you feel good. Be sure that you are in a peaceful environment, because external factors can disturb your trip. Furthermore, it is wise to have a sober person around when you use magic truffles, in case you do not feel great or if the setting changes.

buy magic truffles online paypal

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The effects of magic truffles are felt roughly 30-45 minutes after you have eaten the truffles. Depending on the type you consume, your trip may last from three to six hours. As mentioned already, the effects are different for everyone, but what we often hear from users is that they generally feel content and often burst into fits of laughter.

Magic truffles have various mental health benefits. Just like we eat food to give our bodies energy, magic truffles give our minds energy. Mental health benefits can include reducing stress and anxiety, increasing happiness and well-being, and promoting introspection and self-reflection. Magic truffles are the perfect solution and a natural way to enhance your mood or take a step toward discovery.

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If you want to buy magic truffles, you've come to the right place at Sirius. Magic truffles are kind of mild mushrooms. They create a relaxed, mild intoxication and make your senses more sensitive to stimuli from the environment. With these truffles you can experience colours differently and you can 'feel' music and the people around you better. In fact, magic truffles allow you to experience everything more intensely and also to enjoy it better, because the truffles make you wonderfully relaxed.

Magic truffles are legal truffles with a mind expanding effect. Truffles are not mushrooms. They do not grow above the ground, but underneath it. However, just like mushrooms, truffles also originate from fungal cultures. Truffles are also similar to mushrooms in terms of the psychoactive effect that is felt when they are eaten or drunk. The truffles contain psilocin and psilocybin, just like magic mushrooms. These substances have the mind-expanding effect that you experience 0.5 to 2 hours after eating the truffles. The intoxication usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours. In some special circumstances they might last a bit longer,with effects lasting up to 6 hours. Mushrooms are stronger than truffles and for a somewhat similar effect, less mushrooms are necessary. By the way, magic truffles are legally available. So you can just buy one or more portions of magic truffles in smartshops. Besides that, nowadays you can easily order magic truffles online.

You can choose from a wide selection of different magic truffles, including Mothers Finest, Space Shuttles and White Diamonds. Each variety has its own intensity and a different effect on the senses. Not sure which type of truffle is best for you (and your group)? Find the answer in our blog. Even more information on the different varieties can be found on their respective product page. Truffles can be sold in portions of 10 and 15 grams. Please contact us for more information about the dosage that suits you best. is the online smart shop of the Dutch company Sirius. Here you will find Sirius Products, such as herbal and hallucinogenic extracts, mood supplements and sexual stimulants. In the Netherlands you can order magic truffles and mushroom growkits online at Sirius, and from many European countries you can buy cannabis seeds, CBD products, vaporizers and other supplies for your Sirius products. All Sirius Products are available in our online store and in our physical stores: the Sirius Smart Galleries. In addition, you will also find Sirius Products in other smartshops, in the Netherlands and abroad!

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Freshbox magic truffels are known as high quality psilocybin truffles. The magic truffles are fresh and therefore retain their energy and vitality. Sirius smart shop sells a whole range of magic truffles of different strengths. This way you can choose a magic truffle species that is suitable for beginners. Do you have experience with tripping and are you looking for magic truffles with strong effects and hallucinations? Choose one of our strongest magic truffle strains and let our team advise you.

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Magic Truffles (sclerotia) grow between the hyphae and are created by the mycelium, a network of hyphal threads / hyphae. The mycelium is located underground and when the climate is favourable then the fruits start to shoot (Magic Mushrooms) from the ground. For times when the climate is not favourable for the mycelium to grow its mushrooms, this fungal network creates a kind of emergency storage ration full of nutrients called the sclerotia (Truffle). Just like the magic mushroom, this psychedelic truffle contains high levels of the substance Psilocybin. They are of course not called MAGIC truffles for nothing. Psychedelic Truffles belong to Entheogenic substances. Known for raising awareness, these resources are often used for relaxation and spiritual or psychological purposes.

Psychedelic truffles (Sclerotia) can be consumed straight from the pack when you want to start your trip. It is best to start your magical truffle journey on an empty stomach. To promote the effect, it is very important to chew the psychedelic truffles long and well before you swallow them. If you find truffles (Sclerotia) unappetizing, you could also make tea with truffles. You do this by cutting the psychedelic truffles into wedges and letting them steep in boiled hot water for 20 minutes before drinking the tea.

About 50 min. after ingestion, a true journey begins. Senses double and a warm feeling in your lower abdomen begins to unravel. Music is experienced as something divine while taking Psilocybin. Hallucinations, geometric patterns, different perspectives in the mind, philosophy, moving objects, increasing consciousness and intense colors are the effects that a trip on magical truffles can bring about. The trip lasts between 5 and 8 hours, and the effects are comparable to those of the psychedelic magic mushroom. 041b061a72


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