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Download [EXCLUSIVE] File 01 Irresponsible.mp3

As well as being freely available on this website, a Digital disk image file (ISO) containing all of the 450 videos, together with transcriptions and some leadsheets, can be purchased directly from this site. There are also quite a few enhanced videos, transcriptions and backing tracks that are only available on the digital disk image option.. Order the Disk image ISO file here

Download File 01 Irresponsible.mp3

I can understand the rationale for using ogg files instead of mp3s or another format, but the net effect is that most people just never hear the audio content. If you're going to require people to use your open-source alternative, I think it only makes sense to embed the player into the site. Is that possible? If not, you're stuck with sacrificing usability in order to make a philosophical point and defend against some ridiculous future scenario where wikipedia gets sued for using mp3s or wmvs on their site. I notice that most pictures are JPEGs - aren't you concerned about the fact that people have asserted that they own a patent on that filetype.

(separate user's comment) I quite agree. Having tried to get audio and video files to play on several Windows machines without success I can only conclude that 'open format' is a sick joke which really means 'just about useable by ubergeeks who hand-code their own Unix drivers'. Face it, folks: these are niche formats that simply aren't supported by popular computers and thus frustrate would-be users.

I'm assuming we are talking about HTML 5 media? I haven't seen any direct download ogg files yet. Firefox 3.5 comes with ogg codec, and every other big browser supports HTML media. If you are using Internet Explorer, you already failed at using the internet. There is nothing silly about this. Using closed source formats is just asking for trouble, and causes too many problems as it is. Internet Explorer will be getting HTML 5 media support soon as well. If you don't have the latest version of Internet Explorer... well let's just say you wont have your banking account for much longer. I'm sure if OGG keeps being pushed as it currently is in HTML 5, Windows will add it as a built in codec. Using MP3 is both destructive and irresponsible to the future of computing. (talk)

I hope you do realize that Wikipedia helps distribute OGG codecs and players to a lot of people. Maybe a call for media files in order to have a "Sound file of the day" or "Video of the day" feature would help spread OGG even further. After all, isn't this one of the points Jimmy Wales talked about in Frankfurt this week?! --Hullbr3ach 19:44, 7 August 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

When JavaScript is disabled / blocked. The player appears and shows play button. But it doesn't react. I think it is fixable. Example of the page where I noticed this : (doesn't work) , but on :Jean_Michel_Jarre_Oxygene_iv.ogg it does work! Opening file ( _Michel_Jarre_Oxygene_iv.ogg ) directly in Firefox also works even with JS disabled. The problem is I had this issue initially. Now I enabled JS it plays. I disabled JS back. And well, it still plays. So weird. (talk) 11:38, 1 November 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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