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Learn How to Perform Amazing Super Powers with Patrick Redford's Pentagon.pdf

Patrick Redford - Pentagon.pdf: A Review of the Book on Super Powers

Have you ever dreamed of having super powers? Imagine being able to hear things that others can't, see through solid objects, read minds, influence people's actions, and even travel through time. Sounds impossible, right? Well, not if you have a copy of Patrick Redford's Pentagon.pdf, a book that teaches you how to perform five amazing impromptu mentalism effects using nothing but your own abilities and some everyday objects. In this article, I'm going to review this book and show you why it's a must-have for anyone who wants to impress their friends, family, or audience with some incredible feats of super powers.

Patrick Redford - Pentagon.pdf


Who is Patrick Redford?

Patrick Redford is a professional magician, mentalist, author, and lecturer who has been performing and creating magic for over 20 years. He is best known for his innovative and original approach to mentalism, especially his shape series books that explore different geometric shapes as tools for mind reading and prediction. He has also written books on card magic, memory techniques, hypnosis, and more. He has performed and lectured all over the world, sharing his secrets and methods with magicians of all levels.

What is Pentagon.pdf?

Pentagon.pdf is the fourth book in Patrick Redford's shape series, following Triangle, Square, Hexagon, and Heptagon. It was originally published in 2014 as a soft cover book with 48 pages. It contains five impromptu mentalism routines that use super powers as the theme. Each effect is explained in detail with clear instructions, illustrations, tips, and variations. The book also has a hidden surprise that reveals a story that connects all five effects together. The book is available for purchase from Patrick Redford's website or from online magic shops.

Why should you read this book?

If you are interested in mentalism or super powers, then this book is for you. You will learn how to perform some amazing effects that will leave your spectators speechless. You will also learn some valuable principles and techniques that will enhance your mentalism skills and creativity. You will be able to perform these effects anytime, anywhere, with minimal preparation and props. You will also have fun reading this book as it is written in a conversational style with humor and personality.

Super Hearing

How to perform the sound phone call effect

This effect allows you to demonstrate your super hearing by telling the exact number of coins your spectator is shaking in his hand over a phone line. All you need is a phone and some coins. Here's how it works:

  • You call your spectator on the phone and ask him to grab some coins from his pocket or wallet.

  • You ask him to shake the coins in his hand and listen carefully to the sound they make.

  • You tell him to stop shaking the coins and hold them still.

  • You then reveal the exact number of coins he has in his hand, as well as the denomination and the total value.

The secret is simple: you use a mathematical formula to calculate the number of coins based on the sound they make. The formula is: N = (T - 1) / 2, where N is the number of coins and T is the number of times you hear the sound. For example, if you hear the sound four times, then the number of coins is (4 - 1) / 2 = 1.5, which means there are either one or two coins. You can then narrow it down by asking some questions or using some logic. For example, if you hear a loud sound, then it's probably a larger coin, like a quarter or a dollar. If you hear a soft sound, then it's probably a smaller coin, like a dime or a penny. You can also use some psychology and observation to guess the denomination and the value of the coins.

Tips and variations

Here are some tips and variations to make this effect more effective and convincing:

  • Practice the formula and the sound recognition until you can do it quickly and accurately.

  • Use a speakerphone or a headset so you can hear the sound better and free your hands for gestures.

  • Use some patter and misdirection to cover the calculation process. For example, you can say that you are tuning in to the frequency of the coins, or that you are listening to their history and origin.

  • Use some humor and exaggeration to make the effect more entertaining. For example, you can pretend that you are hearing too much information from the coins, like their serial numbers, mint dates, or previous owners.

  • You can also use this effect with other objects that make sounds, like keys, rings, or dice.

Applications and benefits of super hearing

Super hearing is a useful and impressive super power that can help you in many situations. Here are some applications and benefits of super hearing:

  • You can eavesdrop on conversations and secrets that others can't hear.

  • You can detect lies and deception by listening to changes in voice tone and pitch.

  • You can enjoy music and sounds more deeply and richly.

  • You can communicate with animals and nature by hearing their sounds and languages.

  • You can protect yourself from danger by hearing threats before they happen.

X-Ray Vision

How to perform the x-ray vision coins effect

This effect allows you to demonstrate your x-ray vision by telling which hand a borrowed coin is in, its date, and whether it's heads up or tails up. All you need is a coin and a spectator. Here's how it works:

  • You ask your spectator to borrow a coin from his pocket or wallet.

  • You ask him to place the coin in either hand behind his back, without looking at it.

  • You then tell him which hand he has placed the coin in, as well as its date and orientation.

The secret is simple: you use a clever peek and a subtle force to get all the information you need. Here's how:

  • When you ask for the coin, you casually glance at it as you take it from him. You note its date and orientation in your mind.

  • You then hand it back to him and ask him to place it in either hand behind his back. As he does so, you watch his eyes closely. Most people will look at the hand they are placing the coin in, even if they don't realize it. This gives away which hand they have chosen.

  • You then reveal all the information as if you are using your x-ray vision to see through his hands and body.

Tips and variations

Here are some tips and variations to make this effect more effective and convincing:

  • Practice the peek and the eye reading until you can do it smoothly and naturally.

  • Use some patter and misdirection to cover the peek and the force. For example, you can say that you are testing his coin for magnetic properties, or that you are scanning his eyes for signs of deception.



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